Where the Magic Happens at BYU Broadcasting
In the heart of the BYU Broadcasting facility is a long, long hallway that leads to all of their state-of-the-art production studios. The walls were tediously engineered with fabric acoustic panels to make the hallway functional, but unfortunately the aesthetics didn't give employees or visitors the feeling that anything exciting was happening there. I was asked to help them create an experience that would change that.
These are some "before" photos, showing the drab gray walls lined with framed photos:
My approach was to honor the great production work that goes on in those studios, and recognize the people who were responsible for making it happen. Working with an acoustician and the team that installed the original panels, I designed a series of printed fabric murals, utilizing "behind the scenes" photography of some of BYU TV's greatest productions. I also incorporated a flexible wire system to display show posters and logos, and to showcase creative headshots and action photos of BYU Broadcasting employees. 
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